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Stop the import of American monstertrucks

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Cars sold as 'sports utility vehicle' are less safe for everyone outside of the vehicle and devoured all progress made in cars consuming less fuel. They are big, have and the driver can see less. The opposite of sports and utility in other words.

The extreme version has become popular as a 'monstertruck' in the USA because of tax breaks for small trucks. This type of car is not imported by manufacturers because they can't comply to the severe EU safety norms for cars. But when you bring your self imported car to the vehicle bureau you get a license plate and you can hit the road with it. The legal loophole needs a fix!

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pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users


establish that:

  • big pick-up trucks are allowed to be imported in EU member states
  • these vehicles do not appear on the regular market because they can't comply to safety and environmental standards
  • the owners are aware that these cars do not comply because parts and maintenance goes through specialised workshops
  • this loop hole in legislation needs to be closed for our safety and the environment
  • all member states should implement this fix because otherwise these vehicles will be imported by the last member state that allows trading of these things
  • member states could offer to everyone with such a vehicle in their name a subsidy to have it demolished


and request

  • to keep these big pick-up trucks outside of the EU by making importing these things impossible
  • to make it more difficult to impossible to market other heavey and big car models through EU legislation.

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De Ford F-150 komt naar Europa

Op staat:

"Hedin US Motor is the appointed importer and distributor of the Ford F-150 model family for all European countries. European debut of the worlds most sold pick-up truck will start with sales in Germany, Sweden, Estonia and the Netherlands with other markets to follow."

Maar hoe kan dat ding ooit voldoen aan de Europese veiligheidsregels? Wat gaat hier mis?.


AD: Autotester waarschuwt voor gevaar van loodzware elektrische SUV’s

Euro NCAP heeft de veiligheidsresultaten van elf elektrische SUV’s vrijgegeven. De auto’s zorgen dat de inzittenden veilig zijn bij een aanrijding, maar door hun gewicht en hoge voorkant zijn ze een gevaar voor (...) lees verder.


ChatGPT: why don't we see trucks with a "nose" design in Europe?

ChatGPT: "The main reason why you don't see trucks with a "nose" design, like Kenworth (jpeg) and Peterbilt (jpeg) trucks commonly found in North America, in Europe is due to regulations and safety standards.

In Europe, there are strict regulations regarding vehicle dimensions, specifically the length of the vehicle and the turning radius. The overall length of the truck and trailer combination is limited to ensure maneuverability on European roads, which tend to have narrower streets and tighter turns compared to many roads in North America.

+

The cab-over-engine (COE) design, where the cabin is positioned directly above the engine, allows for a shorter overall length of the truck, making it more suitable for European road conditions.

Additionally, safety standards in Europe prioritize pedestrian safety. The cab-over-engine design provides better visibility for the driver, reducing blind spots and improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The shorter front end also reduces the risk of severe injuries in case of a collision.

Furthermore, European truck manufacturers have traditionally focused on cab-over-engine designs, as they are more fuel-efficient and offer better aerodynamics. These designs are better suited for long-haul transportation, which is common in Europe.

It's important to note that there are exceptions to this generalization, and you may still see some trucks with a "nose" design in specific industries or applications in Europe. However, the prevalence of cab-over-engine trucks is much higher in the European market due to the reasons mentioned above."